How To Choose The Best Mens Motorbike Jacket?

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Posted on: December 19th, 2022

When shopping for motorcycle jackets, there are a few essential features to look for. The basic things you need to see are Comfort, safety, robustness, fashion, and cost. Even though several mens motorbike jacket exporter have these things in the jacket, International-Mellotone is a well-known name for providing the most for the lowest price.

Whether you’re looking for a jacket for your next vacation, to wear on the racing track, or to go with your dirt bike, these characteristics are essential. Here is our list of the top seven features you should search for in a motorcycle jacket centered around these characteristics. These preferences change depending on your riding style.


Here are some factors you must consider while purchasing a motorbike jacket. These things make your ride more comfortable and easy. 

  1. Jacket Material

Whatever jacket style you select, the material is crucial since it will protect you from skin irritation, weather, temperature, and water. Most people prefer leather jackets because they are more abrasion-resistant, although the newer textile jackets are also extremely good at this. Leather jackets are less breathable and water resistant than textile coats. Several textile jackets have excellent armored protection, good abrasion resistance, and other qualities. There are various coats, but this International-Mellotone jacket is the best.

  1. Space

When you ride, you always have to bring something with you. Nobody wants to always have a bag on them. So how do you carry what you need with you? A jacket with multiple internal and external pockets provides you with this option. Some jackets have multiple large enough pockets to carry everything you need, a trait that not all jackets have. The International-Mellotone mens motorbike jacket exporter provides eight pockets, which are useful even if you do not use them frequently.

  1. Closures

The most annoying thing is when your front zipper breaks while riding. No single type or brand of zipper malfunctions more frequently. Many jackets have zippers hidden under snap closures, which are generally robust and effective. These cloth Enforcer jackets have strong zippers and solid span buttons.

  1. Safety and Protection

A rider’s safety and protection are done by CE-approved armor. Most armors are placed in delicate places like the back, spine, shoulders, and elbows. Even with armor and safety, you could still sustain a scratch. They keep you alive and prevent severe damage. Make sure your motorbike jacket has CE-approved armor when choosing one.

  1. Ventilation

If your jacket does not have ventilation, it will keep you warm in the winter but drown you in sweat in the summer. You’ll be sweaty under your robust, thick, windproof, and waterproof jacket. A jacket with ventilation is an easy fix for this. Jackets made of perforated leather and mesh fabric and equipped with ventilation zippers offer effective ventilation. Also, it maintains airflow throughout the jacket to minimize humidity and lower body temperature. This timeless brown jacket is one of our favorites in the leather category. This International-Mellotone mesh and the textile jacket is lightweight, vented, and breathable, and it is perfect for the summer.

  1. Night Visibility

Nighttime visibility is another element or facet of safety. Reflective jackets attract the attention of other riders and non-riders and alert them to your presence. It avoids mishaps. A reflective panel is present on jackets, but the reflective lining is the newest fashion.

  1. Collar

You must be careful while buying a jacket since the collar will always be in contact with your neck. If the collar is rough or scratchy, it can cause scrapes on your neck. It would be nearly hard to ride a bike comfortably wearing such a jacket. You also need to remember that your jacket collar shouldn’t interfere with your helmet. The ideal collar would be the right size for your neck, not too tight and shaky. Additionally, it shouldn’t cause your helmet to move when you move your neck and should be soft and comfy.


Selecting a jacket according to your preference is essential, but you must also look at these factors. These factors will help you decide whether this jacket is good for your use. International-Mellotone mens motorbike jacket exporter provides a perfect fit and the best quality. They guide you with a proper guide to help you decide what jacket suits you.

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